Members of the Spoon and Mashie Team
Bob Burwell

"Mr. Golf" of the Sandhills for more than 50 years

Bob Burwell has been a fixture in the Sandhills golf community for over fifty years. Born and raised in the area he has seen many of the game's finest players come through town. Learning as a young man and then turning that knowledge into a statewide renowned golf club expert, Bob brings his knowledge of the game and equipment every day to his shop in Aberdeen. If it can be done to a golf club, Bob has done it.
Jeff Price

Over 55 years of playing golf

Jeff began playing golf at the age of 5 years old. Jeff's father instilled in him a love for all things golf. During his high school years as Captain of the golf team, Jeff's father taught him the club making skills that he has used over his lifetime to make sets of clubs for family and friends. Once Jeff and his wife relocated to the Sandhills, Jeff found Robert's Golf shop and asked Bob if he could apprentice under him. Bob agreed, and Jeff's skill and knowledge base of golf club repair has been vastly improved.

Giving back to the Community

For many years Bob volunteered for the First Tee of the Sandhills helping create the next generation of golfers in the Sandhills. Ask a young person who went through the program when Bob was there and they will tell you of the very positive experience they learned both in golf and in life.
Jeff has offered his services to many of the high school's in the area, most recently to North Moore High School. He wants to bring the game to all who wish to learn it no matter what their financial situation. Be careful, he might ask you to donate an old set of clubs for local high schooler who is not able to afford a set.
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