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Golf Services

We help you attain lower scores by simply refurbishing your equipment!


Grip manufacturers recommend changing your grips at least once a year. When was the last time you changed your grips?


With our combined golf experience of over a century, we can handle almost any kind of repair job you need!


Golf shoes are the most neglected piece of golf equipment, until something goes wrong.

The grip on the club is the only place where our hands actually come in contact with the club.

This contact is one of the most important components of the game!

Selecting the best grip is all about feel

Golf grips come in a wide array of styles, sizes, textures, price and feel.  Picking a grip from a website or a picture in a magazine is, at best, an educated guess. The best way is to feel the grip for yourself. At Spoon and Mashie we bring the grips to you for you to select which grip feels the best for you. Only by feeling for yourself can you make an informed decision as to the proper grip for you.

Golf Club Repair

While Old Tom Morris  was not the first person to own a golf shop, he was certainly one of the most famous. What makes our golf club repair business different than most others is that we can bring the shop to you. We offer the most popular grips on the market and bring to you samples of those grips for you to take the time to individually select the grip or grips that suit your game the best. We also work with Robert's Golf Shop in Aberdeen, NC so that, if you prefer, you can visit in person the golf shop that launched our new venture. 

Our Connection With the Ground, Our Shoes.

Today we are faced with a plethora of choices for what a golfer can were on their feet well playing the game. The evolution of the golf shoe is as amazing as the evolution of the clubs we play with. Originally, nails were hammered into the soles of shoes to offer the wearer better protection from slipping. In 1891 screw-in spikes were introduced, not only providing better traction, but offering the opportunity to replace old spikes as they wore down. Fast forward to today, and we have from spike-less, running shoe style footwear, to shoes with replaceable plastic spikes. Since our shoe is the only connection we have with the ground during the swing, we prefer spikes that are replaceable when they are worn out. Our craftsmen specialize in the repair and cleaning of all replaceable spike-style golf shoes.
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