Our list is incomplete because there are too many types of golf services to have all of them mentioned here. Every golf club repair is a special service to each customer. The mere replacement of a set of grips can involve decisions such as the cost per grip, the grip maker, style of grip, color of grip, size of grip and tape build up under the grip. All of these decisions for a "simple" grip replacement.
Partial List of Services Offered
  • Grip replacement & purchase advice
  • Shaft replacement, adjustment & purchase advice
  • Shaft PURing
  • Advice on club fitting
  • Golf shoe deep cleaning
  • Golf shoe spike maintenance & replacement
  • Our service area includes all of Moore County. Special arrangements for pickup and delivery outside of Moore County can be made.


Our labor fees are based on a fractional per hour cost. We bill increments of 5 minutes. Our normal labor charge for replacing grips for a set of 8 clubs is approximately $26. Some grips are more time consuming than others, thus requiring more time. The second component of a grip change, the cost of a grip itself, is dependent upon the grip selected.

Pickup and Delivery Service

In this soon to be POST Covid-19 world, we believe that personal service rendered in the safest way is best for our customers and our staff. To this end we offer complete pickup and delivery of your clubs for a nominal fee within the Sandhills area.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We believe that the satisfaction of of customers is the best way we can ensure our future. To that end we offer customers a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with our service, please return the clubs or shoes to us and we will re-work the job until you are 100% satisfied. We offer this, because we believe in what we do.
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Phone & Fax: 630-561-5821 
Located at:
19 Scioto Lane,
Pinehurst, NC  28374
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